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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Exhibition at the Country Market in Hvolsvoll

View from Eidi at Vestmannaeyjar

The exhibition starts at 1. May, Labour Day.
I am working like made to have everything finished in time.  Finished painting the last painting of their local Church and one small one of kids running in autumn colors, it came as an after thought, quite nice if I my say so myself.  I will be showing about 27 small and larger paintings.
The painting above got sold this morning but I may enter it in the show, I am really happy with this one as these are the colors we see so often here in Vestmannaeyjar in the evenings.  It is in a three window carton, glass and frame, very attractive finish, don´t you think?  I took the photo after it had been framed so one can see the reflection in the glass, sorry about that.
I will enter some more photos later.

Here are some of my small paintings that will be on the show.

There had to be some animals in this country show.
Skogafoss in a grip of ice
A small painting of their local church

Old friends
Children playing in autumn colors
Painted by palette knife 15x15cm


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