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Thursday, January 3, 2013

My little Studio

Posted by PicasaI am trying to fit myself, my computer and my art in a very small 2 x 3 square meter work room, it is   coming along except for my floor easel, I still have to work out how to fit it.  Anyway, I set up my still life and did my little painting in comfort.

The Golden Fabric
An oil painting on a 15x15 cm canvas done for DPW Challenge to paint fabric.
The colors I used were; lemon yellow, yellow medium, genuine red and ultramarine blue.
I hope you enjoyed looking at my little Studio.


  1. I really like the Golden Fabric painting, Steinunn!
    Hope you're getting used to your studio.

  2. Thank you Dean for your comment, always much appreciated.
    I will learn to love my little Studio yet...

  3. I enjoyed and envied you your little studio :-) I paint in my dining room...that's a drag ! Love your still life painting , beautiful warm colors . Have a nice weekend.

  4. Thank you very much for your comment on my studio Jane, I am still trying to get used to paint the small paintings here, I used to use my lounge room before, still have to do the large paintings there.
    I like what you are creating Jane, I am going back to your blog again to have a further look.
    Have a lovely weekend as well.