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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 1 - En Plein Air - Neðri Kleifar - A 30 day Challenge

Day 1
I was one day late in starting but intend to catch up later in the month.

The challenge is from and Facebook, so I thought I would kill two flies in one download.  I thought I might try to do plein air from various places on my island and this is number one.  I used Oil Pastel sticks on Oil Pastel Pad which I decided to practice on and sat in my car while while working one it and it did not turn out too badly I think..  
I wanted to challenge myself even further and try to complete a painting in one hour.  
I did this one in an hour and ten minutes.

Neðri Kleifar

Oil Pastel Sticks
This 30 day challenge is to do a painting in only one hour.
I am new to Oil Pastel Sticks so it took a bit longer.

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