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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Small paintings exhibition 15. December 2011

Mother and Daughter

My favorite Cow

Oil tanks

Evening Sonata

The Ruler 

Stormy night

My watercolor girls

Day brake in Vestmannaeyjar

My oil girls

The Skipper

Tug boat in

The painter


The foreman

The Professor

The Skipper

The radioman

The hen
Where is my dinner!

Here are 18 of 28 paintings I am showing at Einars´ lounge show room at the Library.
The show opened last Thursday at 4pm with a full house of guests, friends, the Major, flowers and congratulations,  it was wonderful.
Many paintings got sold that day which made me very happy of course, so now I have covered all expenses plus.
My exhibition will stay open until first week of the new year.
I hope you will enjoy.
I will soon be off to my brother´s place over the festive season so I don´t expect to be posting much during that time.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Small island west of Heimaey



These are lovely little rocky islands west of Heimaey.
They are my newest additional to my art exhibition on 15. December which will be held at the entrance of our Library.  I have been painting like mad and still working on the last one which is another portrait which I really need to finish in time!.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Gentle Cow

My friend
They have got such gentle faces, you can tell them anything and don't have to worry it getting anywhere else.
I think cows are a beautiful creatures. 

Kári the Librarian

Kári Bjarnason
Forstöðumaður Bóka og Byggðasafns Vestmannaeyja

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gusti the Skipper

Here comes another small portrait of Gusti.  
It is an oil on Masonite size 20x15cm

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bói the Painter

    Bói the Painter

This is my first of many small 20x15cm portraits that I am painting of local known faces in town.  These are all going to be retired Senior Citizens and known to the community.  I included a photo of him above for you to compare.
It would be interesting to get some feed back. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Toddlers in snow

Yes, it is an adventure for the young ones to experience snow for the first time as these little ones are doing learning to make snow balls.
It was one of the paintings paintings that got sold at ART67 in Reykjavik while I was their Guest Artist last August.
Oil on stretched canvas, size is 20x60cm.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Children´s Theme

This sketch is only the beginning of my little toddler´s idea and as you can see there has been a little change looking at the canvas but I think it looks all right.   It would be interesting to get some feed back on this little project.
Toddlers in the snow 
I thought I would show you my next idea in my children's theme.
I often use acrylic to start a painting and to seal the canvas before I start with my oil.  It is only 20x60cm so I should be a bit quicker to finish this one, hopefully.

Toddlers in the snow
 Here is a complete painting, my little toddlers in their protective clothing in the snow.  Hope you like?

Children Theme

Here is a summary one for a change, again it is oil on canvas size 50x70cm.  I was not quite sure what I wanted with this idea of mine but will leave it for now and maybe do another one later.  I added the butterflies to make it talk a bit more but the picture is supposed to leave us guessing what the girls are doing or thinking, I hope it does just that.

Children Theme

Here is my second painting for my upcoming show at Art67 in the city.  The medium is oil on canvas size 60x40cm painted by palette knife except for the faces where I had the help of my brush.  I am slowly plotting along, too slow really as I have to be ready for 1st of August but I will get there in the end, anyway, it is better to have quality than quantity, right.


This is a beautiful small island west of Heimaey.
Oil on Masonite size 20x20cm applied with a palette knife.

It was a birthday present to my girlfriend.  She really loved it.  Sometimes we create things for a reason.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Brother and Sister
Here is my first not completed painting yet of the children´s theme.  They do look a bit serious, I tried to change their look but did not succeed so will rest it for a while, also the face color is a bit dark, I think.  This reminds me a bit about myself and my brother after we lost our mother but it was not my intention at all.

It would be great to get some feed back on this.

Gallery Art67

A new theme and new exhibition,  this time a children theme for an upcoming show at Art67 in Reykjavik for the month of August as the Artist of the month.  I will be allotted the entrance wall plus a small side wall to the right as we go down stairs for more art viewing

Here is one of the eight owners in front of Gallery67 a lovely lady called Frida, I still have to meet the other ladies and look forward to it...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This place is called Eidi which is one our beautiful places in Vestmannaeyjar.
Oil on stretched canvas 40x60cm 
Iceland Kr. 45,000

Monday, May 2, 2011

Heimaklettur in Vestmannaeyjar

A sunny day in Vestmannaeyjar.
A small 15x20cm oil painting.
This was a gift to one of my friends from USA. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I was in such a summer mood that I had to paint something soft and nice.  I hope you can feel what I am trying to express.  It is only a small 20x15cm oil painting done manly with a palette knife.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

George taking notans

Here is my artist friend in USA taking notans for his future painting. I had only a small photo to go from. I decided to experiment with large brush strokes and show the light surrounding my friend where he is sitting in the sun and taking notes in his sketch book. I hope this little painting expresses some of my feelings. I might even post it to him when it is dry enough.  This is only a small 15x15cm oil painting on canvas.


This one is a birthday present for my girlfriend in Australia.  I made it looking like a warm summer day as I remember it from the time I used to live there.  It is a small oil painting painted on a piece of canvas.  I just finished painting it so now I have to wait until it is dry enough to be posted.

Small Paintings

This is a beautiful view from west coast of my island.  
Size 15x15cm oil on canvas glued to a masonate board at $100 included postage. 

Visual Art and Design

My favorite view.
Oil on canvas 30x24 

Friday, April 8, 2011


These are some of my popular Puffin cards. 

The above cards are painted with water color on acid free Strathmore cards.

Island Puffins

This is a small printed gift card of my Puffin.  It is very popular as a gift card for all kinds of occasion.  The cost is Kr.350 each including postage.

Original  painting was done with colored ink.