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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Visitors from USA

My delightful visitors from USA.
Below is my lounge room where I was serving them pancakes with jam and wiped cream.

Here is Layne and I with the town Vestmannaeyjar in the back ground. 
 And the threesome here.

I really had a great time showing them around my beautiful island.
Thank you guys!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sleepy Cat

Dreaming Away

Here is a new approach to my water media.

I have just joint another artist website called
 where artists get all sorts of challenges, very exiting!
From all the pictures that we could choose from was one photo of a sleeping cat which I decided to have a go at.  I thought I would make a different approach by using my old set of W&N "Liquid Acrylic Ink" and "Illu Color"
I wanted to go completely from the usual oil and watercolor approach.
My method in few words were as follows:
I sprayed water on a 140lb not watercolor paper, then I poured some yellows, orange and carefully added a little of the sepia for shadows .  While this was drying I started using a pen and a brush to do some glazing and create some texture.  
It has been a long time since I have played with these mediums and I was really enjoying myself.
I hope you enjoy my friends.