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Friday, May 10, 2013

A Volcanic Eruption in Vestmannaeyjar 1973

I was living in Australia when I heard of the eruption in my home town Vestmannaeyjar.
It really worried me but I could do nothing about it being so far away so I decided to paint a large painting, I had a calendar which my aunty had sent me with some photos on and my memories which I used to create this painting.  It is about 1mx80cm approximately, painted on canvas with acrylic.
I gave this painting to Vestmannaeyja town when I arrived in 1994.
At the moment some of the children from our Primary school are using it as a reference to paint from under the instruction of their teacher and then they are going to show it at Einarsstofa in our Library in June, it is going to be exiting to see the show.
I will add more later....

Summer in Vestmannaeyjar


Second stage

I thought I might share with you my latest painting.
A friend and an uncle of mine asked me to do a painting for him and I thought it might be nice to paint from west of the island and have it in summer colors.
I used mainly brushes but in the foreground I used my palette knife plus a little touch on the Elephant, which is so obvious in the cliff
This is oil on stretched canvas, size 30x60cm.
Well, I have delivered the painting and my uncle was very happy with it and he has it in his lounge room to look at when he is resting.

I hope you enjoy reeding and looking at this my viewers and friends.

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Art Organization Vestmannaeyja on a Culture Trip to the City

Ten of us decided to spend a day visiting Art Galleries in Reykjavik and had a wonderful time!
Gíslína was our guide as she was most knowledgeable for this sort of thing and we obeyed her in everything, even sketching in the places we looked at.

Started with a breakfast at Cafe Paris

At Gallery Reykjavik with a very interesting art and design

Dress design section

An expressionism by a young woman
Resting tired feed!

At Kjarvalstaðir were we got to see most of Kjarval´s art work, also there were interesting and beautiful works by young children.

Coffee Break

My quick sketches, nr.1 The girls resting, nr.2 and 3 Some of Kjarvals faces and mountains
A wonderful time was had by all!

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Winter Dream

This little painting is going to my Artist Friend in Cape Town, I am hoping she will like this little present, a friend of mine is bringing it to her.
The image came from my mind on to a small 15x15cm board, painted in one session.

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It is about time I added something to my blog.  
This is painted on masonite with acrylic, size 50x55cm
$180 + postage