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Saturday, November 2, 2013

MFV Exhibition in Alþýðuhús

A good looking group of artists!

A successful exhibition was held in Alþýðuhús which will stay open till 6pm Sundy 3rd.
Here are some more photos of the people for people to enjoy.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Troll stole the Horse!

My first thought coming to live.

Exhibition at Althyduhusid in November.

Myndlistarfélag Vestmannaeyja dicided to have a theme of "Trolls and Alfs" for the exhibition.  
This is my version taken from the story of "Bishop Brynjolf".  
The story in short is like this:  The Bushop was on his visit to see his congregation but had to rest overnight,  then all of a sudden he woke up with a start when large hand reached into his tent to grasp him and take him away, quickly the bishop said to the troll "take my horse instead" which the troll did but said it would come for him later..... and the story goes on.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Imago Mundi project

Mother Earth
This painting is my contribution towards the Imago Mundi project which 
will be shown in Italy next year.  The man behind the idea is Mr. Luciano Benetton,
This is a an international collection of small art.  They intend to collect 144 small works from each country, sounds like a huge and exiting exhibition!
I decided to make a figurative work which would seem or feel both warm and protective.
 "Mother Earth" 

Culture Night in Reykjavik 2013

Arion bank decided to take part in Culture Nights in Reykjavik by inviting artist in Iceland to show their work.  The works were to be shown on every street corner in the city and surrounding area.
Here is myself at the Bus Stop with Grensásveg where my painting is displayed in the Bus Shelter.
It was great fun to partake in this unique idea of Arion Bank.
Thank you Arion bank!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Simone my friend

Thank you Simone to remember and for your lovely visit.
Here is us and me still in my pajamas!
I met this lovely girl at the Guesthouse Sel, where I was staying with a friend of mine Renate, Simone works at the guesthouse in summer time.

Simone and her German friend
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Going walkabout

Hi there my good friends, I think I might go walk-a-bout like the Aboriginals do, I hope you keep my borrow safe until my return.
No, I am not going mad, just thought I might say something silly for a change!
Have a wonderful day!
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Culture night in Reykjavik.

Götusýning 2013

I am so proud that my painting will be one of the five hundred chosen to be displayed in the streets of our city Reykjavik during the Culture nights 20-27th of August, 2013.

South island
This is one of my favorite islands seen from Vestmannaeyjar.
I used these colors intentionally as I found the contrast quite appealing and unusual at the same time, 
I hope you like it too.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


This is one of my latest oil painting from one of my favorite spots on north shore of my island, 
I used both brush and palette knife in making it and am I quite pleased
 with the result.
The most enjoyable thing for me is that,  it was selected by
to show in August month on their coming Calendar.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Plein air "The Three Rocks"

"Hani, Hæna and Grasleysa"
These are the names of the three little islands.
This is one of my plain air watercolor that I did the other day when George, my artist pen friend joined me in our little experiments of plein air painting.
It is much less fuss to carry the watercolor items on location than the oil but, I think I enjoy the oil better even if it takes longer.
It is such a difference painting "plein air" on location than painting in a studio, colors and everything come so to live.
We only spent a few minutes painting as it was too cold to sit for long.

Below is George and I painting, I took the photo myself, I forgot to ask George to take a photo of myself painting...:( 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friends visiting me and Vestmannaeyjar

Here is George and I out plein air painting, you can see a couple of views below and George concentrating on a lovely watercolor that he did.

I will add more to this blog later...

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Day of the Seamen

The Seamen Day
Last Sunday was the day of the year where Icelanders honor all seamen.
On tis day also was decided to have an auction and collect money for a good purpose.  Some of the island artists were asked to contribute to the event which we did gladly.  Quite many paintings sold for a good price and mine there included.
The seamen were very pleased with the outcome.

Here is the painting that I painted, it is of two young men learning the robes from the old guy.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Today we honor all Seamen.

Today we honor all seamen.

We go to church to honor them and their families and remember the lost ones by placing a flower wreath at the statue of a seaman.
It was a wonderful day.
Sadly I forgot my camera so am showing one of my painting here instead.  The idea of this painting came from my childhood memory like so many of my paintings.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Volcanic Eruption in Vestmannaeyjar 1973

I was living in Australia when I heard of the eruption in my home town Vestmannaeyjar.
It really worried me but I could do nothing about it being so far away so I decided to paint a large painting, I had a calendar which my aunty had sent me with some photos on and my memories which I used to create this painting.  It is about 1mx80cm approximately, painted on canvas with acrylic.
I gave this painting to Vestmannaeyja town when I arrived in 1994.
At the moment some of the children from our Primary school are using it as a reference to paint from under the instruction of their teacher and then they are going to show it at Einarsstofa in our Library in June, it is going to be exiting to see the show.
I will add more later....

Summer in Vestmannaeyjar


Second stage

I thought I might share with you my latest painting.
A friend and an uncle of mine asked me to do a painting for him and I thought it might be nice to paint from west of the island and have it in summer colors.
I used mainly brushes but in the foreground I used my palette knife plus a little touch on the Elephant, which is so obvious in the cliff
This is oil on stretched canvas, size 30x60cm.
Well, I have delivered the painting and my uncle was very happy with it and he has it in his lounge room to look at when he is resting.

I hope you enjoy reeding and looking at this my viewers and friends.

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Art Organization Vestmannaeyja on a Culture Trip to the City

Ten of us decided to spend a day visiting Art Galleries in Reykjavik and had a wonderful time!
Gíslína was our guide as she was most knowledgeable for this sort of thing and we obeyed her in everything, even sketching in the places we looked at.

Started with a breakfast at Cafe Paris

At Gallery Reykjavik with a very interesting art and design

Dress design section

An expressionism by a young woman
Resting tired feed!

At Kjarvalstaðir were we got to see most of Kjarval´s art work, also there were interesting and beautiful works by young children.

Coffee Break

My quick sketches, nr.1 The girls resting, nr.2 and 3 Some of Kjarvals faces and mountains
A wonderful time was had by all!

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