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Monday, October 29, 2012

My Art Show

Einarsstofa at Safnahúsið
This is where I am going to have my exhibition tomorrow 2. November at 4pm.
Einarsstofa is at the entrance to the Library and our Museum.
I will be adding more to this blog of mine later when I get more time to think!!

Mother Crow
Acrylic Ink 18x13cm
Black ink 20x15cm
First flight
Acrylic Ink 18x13cm
Storm brewing in Vestmannaeyjar!
Black Ink on Cotton Hand Made Paper 21x15cm
Nearly finished!
This is how I have been feeling lately.
All of a sudden I realize time is just running away from me, so better get my finger out,
stay home and get organized!!

Here comes the Mother!
Poor little thing....
Black Ink on Cotton Hand Made paper 21x14cm
Done with Bambus Pen and Brush

Here is more of my paper artwork I hope you will enjoy looking at.

First Love
Black Ink and Brush 14x21cm

What a relaxing life.
Acrylic Ink 18x24cm

That is it for now, will be adding more asap.
Wishing all my friends a good night sleep or do like the cat does best....