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Friday, July 8, 2011

Children´s Theme

This sketch is only the beginning of my little toddler´s idea and as you can see there has been a little change looking at the canvas but I think it looks all right.   It would be interesting to get some feed back on this little project.
Toddlers in the snow 
I thought I would show you my next idea in my children's theme.
I often use acrylic to start a painting and to seal the canvas before I start with my oil.  It is only 20x60cm so I should be a bit quicker to finish this one, hopefully.

Toddlers in the snow
 Here is a complete painting, my little toddlers in their protective clothing in the snow.  Hope you like?

Children Theme

Here is a summary one for a change, again it is oil on canvas size 50x70cm.  I was not quite sure what I wanted with this idea of mine but will leave it for now and maybe do another one later.  I added the butterflies to make it talk a bit more but the picture is supposed to leave us guessing what the girls are doing or thinking, I hope it does just that.

Children Theme

Here is my second painting for my upcoming show at Art67 in the city.  The medium is oil on canvas size 60x40cm painted by palette knife except for the faces where I had the help of my brush.  I am slowly plotting along, too slow really as I have to be ready for 1st of August but I will get there in the end, anyway, it is better to have quality than quantity, right.


This is a beautiful small island west of Heimaey.
Oil on Masonite size 20x20cm applied with a palette knife.

It was a birthday present to my girlfriend.  She really loved it.  Sometimes we create things for a reason.