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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I was in such a summer mood that I had to paint something soft and nice.  I hope you can feel what I am trying to express.  It is only a small 20x15cm oil painting done manly with a palette knife.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

George taking notans

Here is my artist friend in USA taking notans for his future painting. I had only a small photo to go from. I decided to experiment with large brush strokes and show the light surrounding my friend where he is sitting in the sun and taking notes in his sketch book. I hope this little painting expresses some of my feelings. I might even post it to him when it is dry enough.  This is only a small 15x15cm oil painting on canvas.


This one is a birthday present for my girlfriend in Australia.  I made it looking like a warm summer day as I remember it from the time I used to live there.  It is a small oil painting painted on a piece of canvas.  I just finished painting it so now I have to wait until it is dry enough to be posted.

Small Paintings

This is a beautiful view from west coast of my island.  
Size 15x15cm oil on canvas glued to a masonate board at $100 included postage. 

Visual Art and Design

My favorite view.
Oil on canvas 30x24 

Friday, April 8, 2011


These are some of my popular Puffin cards. 

The above cards are painted with water color on acid free Strathmore cards.

Island Puffins

This is a small printed gift card of my Puffin.  It is very popular as a gift card for all kinds of occasion.  The cost is Kr.350 each including postage.

Original  painting was done with colored ink.


 I like painting old type of boats as it remindes me of my child hood when my brother and I used to listen and guess the right boat by the sound of its engine.  In the back ground are the old fish factories, not in use for fish any more by the way.  This boat is really one of the first ones build here in Vestmannaeyjar, I think in 1947.  Now it sits there doing nothing but remining the passers by of the time gone by.

This is a small 15x18cm oil painting, painted on panel


I am having a great time painting small boats lately. 

This nice little boat with an inboard motor is owned by Hallgrims´ brothers and friends, it is used a lot to sail out to the mountain called Ystiklettur and as you can see it is the same name as the boat.  These guys are one of few groups in Vestmannaeyjar who go out to catch Puffins in their special made net catcher.
This is a small 15x18 oil painted on canvas glued on to a panel.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oil paintings

Fisher men´s talk  (Sold)
This oil painting is from my exhibition last summer at gallery Svolukot in Vestmannaeyjum.  The exhibition went very well in all ways.

New Years Eve
This oil painting is for sale at Gallery Artotek in Reykjavik.  Size 40x30.

Great Grand Mother
This oil painting was a commission last year and I have to say I am quite pleased with it and so was the owner.