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Monday, June 30, 2014

My Art chosen by for the year 2015 Calendar!

The Challenge end.  
I did not make it to enter paintings for the last three days of the the month 
so  will enter this in make up for it and to brag about myself.

And now I have to brag!

This painting of mine was chosen by to be in their year 2015 Calendar, 
where an art work from individual artist appears for each month of the year.  I was also one of the many artists chosen for the year 2014.

I painted this boat while in Richard Robinson´s workshop, see link to his site below.

Day 27 - Eiðisdrangar

Another one of Eiðisdrangar, a moody grey day today but had fun painting it while I sat in my car.
The time flew by so two hours later I decided to stop.

Day 26 - Photo of Eiðisdrangar

I had not painted anything so decided to enter a photo of one of my favorite places.

Day 25 - Puffin with Fish

Puffin catching fish for the young ones.

Day 24 - Rainy Day

A small gift card with envelope.

Day 23 - Heimaklettur

Pen and Watercolor
A quick sketch of our landmark Heimaklettur.

Day 22 - Puffin in Waiting

Yes, one wonders, what is he waiting for?

Day 21 - A Portrait of a Puffin

A very serious looking Puffin ready for a portrait taken!

Day 20 - The Professor

Another Puffin painting in a carton

Day 19 - Young Puffin

This is a young puff link getting ready for the sea world.
All my small watercolors are enclosed in Carton which makes it a lovely gift.

Day 18 - Smáeyjar

Smáeyjar in karton

Day 17 - Bjarnarey

I am really working well with my watercolors, here is the next island with Elliðaey.

Day 16 - Elliðaey

A small watercolor of Elliðaey

Day 15 - Elephant

A small watercolor painted from the Golf Course

Day 14 - Puffin par

Working on small watercolor gift ideas which are enclosed in carton.

Day 11, 12 and 13 - Smáeyjar in blue/grey

This one was a commission for my nephew but was the wrong view after all so have to start again and do Stórhöfði and Suðurey which is ok as I can have this one for my next exhibition.

Day 10 - Eiðisdrangar

Painted inside
Eiðisdrangar again, I keep going back to them.

Day 9 - Suðurey

Watercolor, painted inside because of rainy weather.
All the small watercolor are enclosed in a carton.

Day 8 - Suðurey-

Rainy day so painted this one inside using Oil Pastel Sticks.
Finished in one hour.

Day 7- En Plein Air - Suðurey II

Here is another one of Suðurey in a cooler hues as the day was not as hot as the previous day.

Day 6 - En Plein Air- Suðurey

Suðurey done in one hour.
After I stopped I notched that I made it too squarish and also got a great criticism from Michael from TCA which twicked me paint another one in more correct measuring.

Day 5. En Plein Air - Blátindur WIP

Blátindur is going to be moved to Skansinn for protection and for public to view how those old boats looked like in the old days.

This is an unfinished painting as I had to stop, I will get to it later.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 4 - En Plein Air - Ystiklettur WIP

Eiðið - Ystiklettur
I have not finished this one yet as the time run out for me but I will get back to it later.
It was a beautiful sunny day!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 3 - En Plein Air - Stóri Örn

Stóri Örn
Sat in my car and painted the "Big Eagle"
It was a very windy day and I tried to hurry this along, I will have to come back to it later to finish it.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 2 - En Plein Air - Eiðisdrangar

Day 2


Plein Air 
I sat in my car painting Eiðisdrangar, it was a lovely day but quite windy.
All these paintings are a one hour challenge.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 1 - En Plein Air - Neðri Kleifar - A 30 day Challenge

Day 1
I was one day late in starting but intend to catch up later in the month.

The challenge is from and Facebook, so I thought I would kill two flies in one download.  I thought I might try to do plein air from various places on my island and this is number one.  I used Oil Pastel sticks on Oil Pastel Pad which I decided to practice on and sat in my car while while working one it and it did not turn out too badly I think..  
I wanted to challenge myself even further and try to complete a painting in one hour.  
I did this one in an hour and ten minutes.

Neðri Kleifar

Oil Pastel Sticks
This 30 day challenge is to do a painting in only one hour.
I am new to Oil Pastel Sticks so it took a bit longer.