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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Psalm 410 - Þorsteinn Valdimarsson. From 115. century in Zhurich 1552

Vers 1
Oh, the wonder of life...
I was very touched when I read this psalm and decided to express myself by painting my version of all the four psalms.  I hope you like it.
I used oil, brush and palette knife.

Vers 2
I never saw it so clear...

Vers 3
Oh,  my old trodden road...

Vers 4
I answer, my Lord,  I do thank you!
I decided not to write all the psalms at this time but can do if people are interested.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Broken Light

This is my second project with The complete Artist
This had to be a cube with broken colors, I did about three layers before I was satisfied with it.
It is so exiting to follow what other artists are doing and get to comment on their work and also receive comment from them.
Here is the online workshop which is still open.

Morning glow

The Complete Artist
I am a member of this terrific website where Richard is our unbelievable talented teacher, he gives us a project to work on every month.  Tis painting I did was to express "broken light".  I received a very favorable comment from Richard, to my great pleasure!
And of course I had to brag about it.

The old ship yard

Old and New
I painted this painting for a friend of mine as a thank you gift.
His work place shows there with the "S" on the wall, the name of his business is Áhaldaleigan, which translates to "rental of various equipments".  The old boats are the old timers up on the abandoned shipyard which was our play ground in the olden days.  The mountain is our new Eldfell which came up in last eruption 1973.  So this painting is telling the old and the new.
I hope you enjoy.