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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Small paintings exhibition 15. December 2011

Mother and Daughter

My favorite Cow

Oil tanks

Evening Sonata

The Ruler 

Stormy night

My watercolor girls

Day brake in Vestmannaeyjar

My oil girls

The Skipper

Tug boat in

The painter


The foreman

The Professor

The Skipper

The radioman

The hen
Where is my dinner!

Here are 18 of 28 paintings I am showing at Einars´ lounge show room at the Library.
The show opened last Thursday at 4pm with a full house of guests, friends, the Major, flowers and congratulations,  it was wonderful.
Many paintings got sold that day which made me very happy of course, so now I have covered all expenses plus.
My exhibition will stay open until first week of the new year.
I hope you will enjoy.
I will soon be off to my brother´s place over the festive season so I don´t expect to be posting much during that time.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Small island west of Heimaey



These are lovely little rocky islands west of Heimaey.
They are my newest additional to my art exhibition on 15. December which will be held at the entrance of our Library.  I have been painting like mad and still working on the last one which is another portrait which I really need to finish in time!.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Gentle Cow

My friend
They have got such gentle faces, you can tell them anything and don't have to worry it getting anywhere else.
I think cows are a beautiful creatures. 

Kári the Librarian

Kári Bjarnason
Forstöðumaður Bóka og Byggðasafns Vestmannaeyja