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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Fish Rocks - previous link

This is the second order from previous customer.
They are the proud owners of the popular restaurant

I am working on "steinbítur" or Atlantic Wolffish
My method just for an interest:
1.  Go to the sea shore to gather rocks not to small and not too big!  Might take some time.
2.  Take home and was thoroughly, let dry, go over them with a sandpaper.
3.  Paint with Gesso, when dry, another coat with white acrylic paint.
4.  Draw up the shape of fish. 
5.  Start painting.
I always start with acrylic with three coats at least, there is a lot of mixing for each tone or color.  This time I am finishing with a Gouache which is quite enjoyable to handle because it does not dry as fast.

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